KingsRoad looks to bring Diablo-style play to your browser

Princess Emma has gone missing, and once-loyal knights conspire to seize power while all manner of bandits and beasts terrorize the kingdom! It’s not yet in beta testing, but the upcoming KingsRoad, a Diablo-esque action-RPG epic set in the troubled fantasy realm of Deveral, already looks amazing. Players will battle enemies and collect gold and treasure in a world that spans forests, mountains and more – and yet it’s all entirely Flash-based and takes place in a browser.

The gameplay on display in the announcement trailer looks surprisingly good, as do the screenshots, concept art and in-game assets that have been released by KingsRoad developer Rumble Games. The game will boast “next-generation 3D graphics,” with real-time, skill-based combat and numerous other features previously only seen in conventional PC and console games.

And unlike most social games, Rumble says KingsRoad won’t use artificial limitations to encourage payments or friend invites. Instead, the idea is to give players something they’ll actually want to spend their money on by creating a rich, engaging multiplayer-focused game, with optional microtransactions that enhance the experience rather than punishing those who don’t want to pay.



No release date has been set, but sign-ups for the closed beta are being taken now. And while there’s still a lot of work to be done, everything about it so far shows a lot of potential. If Rumble Games can pull it off, KingsRoad could very well set a new standard for what gamers expect from Flash-based games.