Never, EVER, trust a shark

Can a fish be a hero? They’re certainly heroes at swimming around in small glass globes full of water – that much we know for sure. But if any finned member of the undersea kingdom should ever find itself in serious trouble, would said fish be capable of rising up to put an end to the threat?

While no aquatic lifeforms have managed to exterminate the human race even though we keep spilling oil on Aquaman’s doorstep, Fish Heroes for iOS demonstrates that when fish unite, they’re capable of putting sharks on the run.

In Fish Heroes, a bunch of sharks decide to act like jerks (can we expect any less from the serial killers of the deep?) and round up other fish to process for profit. Think about that next time you pick up a box of fish sticks.

Fish Heroes Fish Heroes

But the victimized fish quickly grow some fins and begin to fight back. What follows is a lot of flinging, smashing, and toppling, not unlike Angry Birds. However the environments in Fish Heroes are fully 3D, so burying your shark friends under a pile of rubble takes some forethought. Each fish that you use as ammunition also has a different specialty, so that’s something else to consider before you send them to Neptune’s bosom.

Fish Heroes will be available this June. Stay with Gamezebo for more news about the game, and enjoy a fish-fry while you’re still able to do so guilt-free.