Sort change and clear lines in the mobile puzzler Money Witches

Regardless of your social standing or your yearly income, you probably have a pickle jar full of pennies, nickels, and quarters fermenting somewhere on top of a kitchen cabinet. You pass by that jar at least once a week, and you constantly promise yourself that you’re going to sort through it—except you never find the time, and you don’t relish the idea of having your fingers smell like copper, sweat, and disease. Your procrastination has gone on long enough. Now the spellcasters in Money Witches for iOS are going to take that sorting job into their own hands.

Money Witches is a match-3 puzzle game that revolves around the sorting of coins. If you thought the match-3 formula was addicting on its own, wait until you play it to the accompaniment of jingling money.

You play the game as a witch that can cast a magic called “Exchange,” which lets you combine matching small-denomination coins into bigger pieces. Five one-cent coins can be matched to make one five-cent piece, two five-cent pieces can be matched to make a ten-cent piece, and so on.

Money Witches Money Witches

Ideally, you want to make combos when you fiddle with your coins. Combos occur when multiple exchanges happen at the same time, or when a newly-created coin lands on other coins of the same denomination. You’ll get extra money and point bonuses for your efforts. Cha-ching!

Money Witches will hit iOS soon, so spill out that pickle jar and exchange that $8.47 in pennies before some anime witches invade your home and do it for you.