Full-on social online gambling might not becoming a part of our everyday lives especially soon, but that hasn’t stopped casino games from becoming the most popular social gaming genre. DoubleDown, eager to push its casino presence while it’s hot, has announced the addition of Texas Hold ‘Em poker to its array of DoubleDown Casino games. It seems only fitting that Facebook’s largest virtual casino adds the most popular variant of poker.

Texas Hold ‘Em, the two-card hand poker game that swept the televised nation in the 2000’s is a high-risk, high-reward game that rewards skill, patience, and mind games. DoubleDown‘s tables will feature no-limit betting and up to nine players per table.

“Our launch of Texas Hold’em Poker is a huge step forward for us and the poker community on Facebook,”said Greg Enell, DoubleDownInteractive founder and vice president. “The Texas Hold’em game launch will provide the millions of Texas Hold’em fans around the world with a unique playing experience on Facebook.”

DoubleDown is looking to make sure that all Hold ‘Em fans, new and old alike, will be able to join the experience immediately. Players who haven’t touched Hold ‘Em before can view an extensive interactive tutorial to learn how to play, while experienced players can choose from four different play speeds to suit their preferences. Included is a free hand-ranking tool that helps players understand the odds and power of their hands.

Whether you’re a chip-hoarding veteran or a social newbie, DoubleDown is looking to make the world’s biggest poker game accessible to even more players for free. Ante up!