Rock(s) Rider brings physics and dirt bikes together on the App Store

Try as you might, there’s no denying that sometimes a game that punishes you, shoots missiles into your will, and claws at your soul is more often than not a highly pleasurable experience. Over and over again you’ll miss that jump, but this time…this time you’re gonna make it.

A game that knows exactly how to put your patience on trial is a special thing that should be cherished. In recent times we’ve had a few, and it looks like ECA-Games is looking to put yet another in your pocket. Rock(s) Rider (not a typo) is coming along to put your skills on trial.

Rock(s) Rider is a dirt bike stunt racer where you’ll make your way from one end of a complicated, steep-hilled track to another as quickly as possible, while popping wheelies and nailing flips for flair. Your bike is also equipped with extra long “pegs” (as people my age used to call them on our BMX bikes) extended from the axles of the two wheels to allow your bike to grind, glide and grip obstacles.

Any third season Eastbound & Down fans should also be excited to see that you’ll be able to pilot a two-in-the-front, one-in-the-back trike, a la Mr. Kenny Powers.

Rock(s) Rider

Rock(s) Rider

There’s definitely something overly familiar about Rock(s) Rider, but even though I haven’t been “try”ing to avoid it, I’m pretty sure anyone familiar with gaming in general will see that this game is trying to take something that’s already awesome and put a unique twist on it. When the game launches on May 31st to the App Store for iOS devices we’ll see if all of their… ahem… “trials,” have been successful.