Relive a not-so-classic film in a classic way

Remember the good old days of videogames where every media franchise under the sun was turned into a videogame, whether or not it made any sense at all? Videosgames didn’t need a reason to exist, bringing about wonderful moments like townsfolk trying to kill Marty in Back to the Future, and Darth Vader turning into a scorpion in Star Wars.

FreakZone asks the dangerous question: what if this thinking was applied to one of the worst movies of all time?

 The Hands of Fate

In MANOS (based on the terrible 1966 horror film) you play as Mike, a regular family man looking for a hotel to stay. He wakes up from a haunted hotel, only to find his family missing, and the mystical Torgo in their place. It’s up to you (and your trusty pistol) to defeat Torgo’s schemes while finding out what truly happened to your family.

 The Hands of Fate

MANOS is constructed in old-school 8-bit graphics and classic two-button side scroller controls. FreakZone is adamant about capturing that classic feel, even to the point where MANOS is only built using sounds and colors from the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Players anxious to live through one of the worst films of all time won’t have to wait much longer: FreakZone is looking to get the game launched sometime this May. Available for iOS and Android, anyone with a mobile device will have a chance to explore through this truly bizarre adventure.