Blue Tea Games next Dark Parables game will take us into the fairy tale world of Red Riding Hood

If I had a nickel for every hidden object game that game out in a year, well… I’d probably have really heavy pockets. But despite the overabundance of titles available, a few developers have managed to stand out as the masters of the genre. And Blue Tea Games? That’s one of them.

The folks behind the Macabre Mysteries and Dark Parables series have recently unveiled the name of their next twist on a classic fairy tale: Dark Parables: Red Riding Hood.

 Red Riding Hood

 Red Riding Hood

Outside of the name and the gorgeous screenshots above, nothing is really known about the game yet. No plot details, release dates, or game mechanics have been mentioned quite yet. That said, fans of the Dark Parables series will no doubt have a rough idea of what to expect from this latest iteration.

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