Never get bugged again

As the Summer rolls in, there are few things that can bug you as much as, well, bugs do. You try and spray them, zap them, or even squish them, but the Earth’s insects are relentless. But if you thought bugs were annoying for insects, just imagine how annoying they are for our tiny friend Skippy the squirrel! He’s had enough of the bug invasion, and this means war.

In Namco Bandai’s Bug Assault aid Skippy (of Bird Zapper fame) in his quest to rid your precious tree of all the disgusting insects that you can. It seems that the feathered veterans of Bird Zapper grew tired of Skippy’s electrical abuse, and have sent an army of bugs into his tree with plans for a sneak attack. Unfortunately for them, the lightning-happy squirrel is always ready for the offensive.

In this arcade-style swarm game, your goal is to fry every evil critter that you can before they can reach you and deal their damage. We say “evil”, because you can’t hit the helpless ladybugs. What did ladybugs ever do to you?

By tapping two separate places on the screen, Sparky’s tools will generate a stream of lightning. Catch more bugs in a stream at a time, and you’ll score more points, just watch out for the ladybugs! The enemy packs strength in numbers, and will continue to press harder and harder up your tree as time goes on.

Bug Assault

Bug Assault

In each session, you’ll attempt to rid the world of as many bugs as you can, only stopping between each wave to fight a powerful boss minion. These little devils are brighter than the average firefly, and will stop at nothing to get a shot at taking you down. To give you an example: your first boss seduces innocent ladybugs to circle around him in a shield. That’s how low they’ll stoop.

Luckily, Skippy has a few tricks in his sleeve as well. From the classics (the bug spray, the newspaper, the boot) to the modern tactics (the Tesla coil), this squirrel knows what it takes to get rid of a pest.

Can’t wait to dish out some bug-hating fury? Bug Assault swarms the App Store this Thursday, May 17th.