A hidden gem on Xbox Live is making it’s way to the PC

Shuggy is a vampire who’s inherited a great, grey Scottish mansion from his grandfather. That’s the good news; the bad news is that it’s infested with ghosts, zombies and other such unpleasantness, and in The Adventures of Shuggy it’s his job to clean it out by collecting gems, finding keys and unlocking more of the many rooms in the huge mansions, so he can do it all over again.

And it’s a big mansion indeed, with more than 100 2D platforming levels set in locations like a dungeon, boiler room, gallery, graveyard and clock tower. That’s a lot of adventuring for Shuggy, but to keep things fresh those levels feature a wide variety of different mechanics like time travel, swinging on ropes, shrinking, growing, flying, teleporting and more, and players will be able to choose which level they want to play from a map that gradually unlocks as the game progresses.

Comic book-style cut scenes and occasional boss fights will break up the action, and in case that’s not enough, The Adventures of Shuggy also offers two-player co-op levels, head-to-head online play and even a turn-based multiplayer challenge mode that lets gamers square off to see who’s the best at solving the single-player levels.

The Adventures of Shuggy

The Adventures of Shuggy

The Xbox 360 version of The Adventures of Shuggy earned very solid reviews, but it didn’t sell very well on the Xbox Live. “Hardly anyone bought the game” is how developer Smudged Cat Games put it in a press release last month – so the studio is trying its luck again with a PC version on Steam. It should do better on the more indie-friendly platform: With a distinct visual style and so much to do, this is a game with a lot to offer. No release date has been set.