They see me rollin’, they hatin’

What do you get when you combine Samus Aran’s morph ball with a bear? While these two entities would likely never co-exist, we’d like to think that the end result would look a little like Matmi’s upcoming iOS and Android title, Rollabear.

In Rollabear, players take control of a pack of shapeshifting bears as they maneuver their way through intricate obstacle courses. Just like the famous one named Yogi once said, these are not your average bears. Propelled by slingshots, they fly, slide, dodge, and of course, roll in a ball.


Players will travel across 60 stages in three different 3D lands: an Arctic area, China, and the Rocky Mountains. Each area is populated by it’s associated type of bear: polar, panda, and brown, respectively. These flying bears will have to dodge every obstacle under the sun, from bamboo to woolly mammoths.

Each level comes with it’s own adorable (and ridiculous) pun. Are you ready to tackle the Bearway to Heaven? Slide through the Vanilla Ice? Roll through the Great Ball of China? Matmi asserts that the only way to make it through each zany world is through skill and quick reactions.


According to Matmi, Rollabear has been in development for 3 long years. After all the changes and alterations they’ve had to make while developing, we’re sure they can’t “bear” waiting much longer to release! If you’re excited for some high-flying 3D action, Rollabear rolls into the iOS and Android app stores this June. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for the game even sooner, head over to the Rollabear website and sign up!