10tons gets ready to launch another match-3 gem with Puzkend

Clear your schedule and say farewell to your loved ones: 10tons is setting up another Match-3 puzzle game. Puzkend is set in the subterranean world that was featured in Azkend 2, a stellar puzzle title that set a new standard for the match-3 sub-genre. It may seem familiar, but there are some twists at hand that will make it necessary for you to re-adjust your thinking cap.

Puzkend is less about matching three similar items, and more about matching a string of said items. It’s also meant to be a more laid-back experience than most match-3 puzzlers: there’s no time limit, and you can undo your mistakes as many times as you like. The idea is to consider each move carefully, in order to clear each board as efficiently as possible.

That doesn’t mean Puzkend is a pushover, though. The game has different difficulty levels, from easy to epic. As you clear each board, you assemble a larger piece of a picture that demonstrates the majesty and depth of the world you began exploring in Azkend 2.



If you’ve been looking for an easy-going puzzle game to wind down with, Puzkend may be exactly what you need. It’s coming to iOS in May 2012, and will hit PC, Mac, Android, and webOS at a later date.