Plenty of games companies like to remain secretive about their upcoming games. That’s fine, we get it. Why spread word about a game that’s not quite ready for prime time yet? But when you need to beta test those games, eventually something’s gonna pop up. Like this: a new game that’s allegedly from Zynga that’s testing in the Philippines right now under the name Big Harvest.

Whether that’s the title the game is launching under or merely a red herring to throw curious gamers off the scent is anybody’s guess (and if it’s the latter, I like to think it’s a delightful play on “Blue Harvest,” the working title for Return of the Jedi), but one things for certain – this really looks like the next evolution of FarmVille.


And if this is FarmVille 2, the visuals seem like a major overhaul of what players have come to know from the franchise, providing a look that showcases gorgeous 3D models with plenty of detail. TechCrunch has also managed to uncover some unique gameplay elements, like turning crops into feed for your animals, and using milk and eggs from your critters to make pies.

With rumors about a FarmVille 2 surfacing just last month, Zynga’s refusal to comment (rather than flat out deny), and – let’s be frank – the inevitability surrounding such a sequel , I’m inclined to think this is the real deal.

If it’s not, let’s hope Zynga is keeping an eye on this one. From what little we know, it’s just the sort of game you’d want FarmVille 2 to be.