“Let them eat cake” is more than a suggestion: it’s a command in Pastry Panic

For too long, Yoshi has hogged the spotlight as gaming’s most voracious dinosaur. This needs to stop. Underground Pixel is doing its part to expand our knowledge of hungry prehistoric reptiles with Pastry Panic, a retro arcade style game for iOS.

In Pastry Panic, you play as a dinosaur with a long tongue and a big, big mouth. You toddle along conveyer belts and gulp snack cakes as they trundle down into your path. Bolts and sharp metal objects also come down the belt, and even though doctors advise against consuming foods that might puncture a hole in your digestive system, our dino-friend seems to have no problem scarfing it all up.

In the “Tongue Tied” game mode, Mr. Dinosaur stands in one spot and flings his tongue out at the pastries that pass him by. He needs to eat as many treats as he can before time runs out. Think you can beat your own high score? Don’t try it unless you have a bottle of Pepto nearby.

Pastry Panic

Pastry Panic

Finally, Pastry Panic also features a hat store. Big-mouthed dinosaurs with blank stares are charming on their own, but big-mouthed blank-eyed dinosaurs wearing a top hat? Epic.

Pastry Panic hits the App Store on May 24, so brew some tea and get ready to sit down and eat cake with a dinosaur.