Tower defense with a twist returns in Defender Chronicles II

It’s been a couple of years since Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert King made a splash on the iPhone, changing up the standard tower defense formula with the addition of RPG elements and an epic, detailed plot. Now, after a long hiatus, the series is back with Defender Chronicles II, which promises to up the ante even further as players defend the land of Athelia from marauding Orcs and other enemies.

Defender Chronicles II will offer simple but challenging vertical defense gameplay, complimented by four unique heroes, each of whom will bring a unique perspective to the game with six special skills and eight abilities. Players will command up to 24 different, upgradable units as they battle the forces of the Orcs, the supernatural Forsaken and the dark cult of the Covenant across five different modes and five levels of difficulty.

Making your job easier are the hundreds of artifacts waiting to be found that will unlock levels, upgrades and other features, while all new graphics, cut scenes and voiceovers will help bring the experience to life. Defender Chronicles II is a universal app and will support Apple’s Game Center, letting players issue challenges and track themselves and each other on leaderboards.

Defender Chronicles II

Defender Chronicles II

Pre-release gameplay video looks pretty crazy, but if Defender Chronicles II lives up to its billing, it should be an even bigger hit than the original. Watch for it to appear on the App Store on May 24.