As part of their ongoing plan to make other developers look terrible, Valve released another free downloadable update today for Portal 2 – a game we dubbed “quite possibly the greatest first-person puzzler ever.” Styled as the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” and available on Steam to begin with, the DLC gives fans something they’ve long pined for. And no, we don’t mean real portal guns unfortunately.

Instead, however, Valve delivers the next best thing: the Portal series’ first-ever level editing suite. With “PeTi” as it’s being called, the community at large will get a chance to challenge and torment one another with elaborate test chambers built from scratch and uploaded to the Portal 2 Steam Workshop. As pictured below, players will have (relatively) free reign over the iconic, sterile-white spaces dotted throughout the main campaign, including access to faith plates, turrets, tractor beams, switches, and more


In what could be a huge lesson to the App Store, the whole system is tied together with strong social discovery, allowing you to browse community puzzles by tags, by those most favorited, or even follow specific builders whose brain teasers you admire, for example. And while some early reports indicate that crafting potential is a little less complex than what you’ll see from Valve HQ’s programming staff, that’s probably for the best. As it stands, the puzzler in me might never eat food again, replacing it instead with the sweet nourishment of perpetual testing.

Mmm… testing.

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more news about the Portaluniverse, and hands-on impressions of this latest DLC!