Free your friends with the power of puzzling in Teeny Green

When you wish upon a star, you just might find a way to save your people from slavery. The trick is, you need to hang onto that piece of the cosmos or else you risk losing everything again. Teeny Green is a puzzle game that revolves around the retrieval of one such star, which sounds like a worthwhile rescue mission if there ever was one.

The hero of Teeny Green is Green, blobby fellow who finds a star and uses its power to free his kind from the Onicrons that have enslaved them. But when the Onicrons decide, “Hey, magic stars are cool,” they whisk away Green’s property.

Green must navigate over 70 mazes to bring back his shiny belonging. According to Phenom Studios, the maze-centric gameplay in Teeny Green is inspired by the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur’s labyrinth, but there are more traps, more platforms to jump around on, and more Onicrons to outsmart (given the inspiration for Teeny Green, we hope there is less backstory involving a woman getting it on with a bull).

Teeny Green

Teeny Green is a promising little puzzle game that promotes the power of thought, the power of wishes, and the advantages of having two eyes over one. The title should hit the App Store soon, so stay with Gamezebo for more information about slimy little guys who are best friends with heavenly bodies.