Pocket Gems brings it’s dragons exclusively to Android in Tap Dragon Park

If you like the idea of raising a world full of dragons, there are plenty of options out there – at least if you’re an iPhone gamer. DragonVale, Tiny Monsters, and the upcoming Dragon Story just to name a few. But Android gamers? They’ve been left out in the cold …until now.

Pocket Gems, the makers of everything from Tap Pet Hotel to Tappily Ever After, have just announced their first Android-exclusive game: Tap Dragon Park.

“We have been a leader in mobile games for more than two years and continue to bring wildly engaging games to great platforms,” said Daniel Terry, CEO of Pocket Gems. “With Tap Dragon Park, we have an innovative and compelling title we hope will be the first of many games we develop first for Android.”

Player in Tap Dragon Park will breed and train dragons to protect their kingdoms from some treasure-hungry trolls. They’ll need to pick dragons with the right elements to battle each and every troll that gets in their way. What’s more, the game will include some nifty Android-specific features, like live wallpaper.

Tap Dragon Park

Tap Dragon Park

Own an Android phone and can’t wait to get your dragon on? Good news! Pocket Gems will be launching Tap Dragon Park onto Google Play later today.