TeamLava supplies yet another reason to celebrate year of the dragon

Can’t get enough monster breeding? Whether you’ve bred all the way to the Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale or you simply want to open up another shop, TeamLava is introducing their version on the breeding genre with Dragon Story.

Dragon Story

Following in the footsteps of their other “Story” titles like Pet Shop Story and Zoo Story, Dragon Story aims to take TeamLava’s animal collection simulator into the realm of fantasy. Players can feed, breed, and expand their dragons to epic proportions.

As your dragons grow, they’ll evolve not twice (a.k.a Pokémon-style), but three times! With four different forms for each dragon, you’ll get to see your tiny tots grow from cute to menacing before your very eyes.

As your dragons become more powerful, they’ll attract money, which can be reinvested into new buildings, upgrades, or more dragons. It’s a vicious (and adorable) cycle.

Dragon Story

Dragon Story

Dragons come in multiple elements, from fire, to air, to magic. Like other breeding sims, different types can be cross-bred in order to develop new multi-type dragons.

Players big on the simulation game community will be able to drop in on their friend’s lands and share gold as well. By inviting your friends from Facebook or Storm8 games, you can increase the amount of gold that will come back to you. Besides, there’s no point of making the best island in the sea if you have nobody to brag to, right?

If you’re looking to open up another new creature breeding adventure, Dragon Story should be debuting for free on the App Store soon.