Tower defense? How about tower OFFENSE

As if the indie game scene wasn’t already doing well enough for itself, Kickstarter has been bringing even more attention to some little gems-in-the-making seeking crowd-sourced funding. The games are getting more experimental as more and more developers are starting to embrace the freedom that truly independent development grants, them and we gamers are responding with our wallets. City Conquest recently completed its second campaign successfully to bring a new kind of genre-blending strategy game to the mobile space.

According to the pitch, the idea for City Conquest started with the desire to bring a competitive multiplayer element to tower defense while maintaining the simplicity expected of the genre. After introducing some real time strategy elements, they found their balance without including the unit micromanagement. There’s even a turn-based strategy element where players will set up units to send to attack their opponents base and set up defenses then send them on their way turn-by-turn.

With a full single player campaign and hot seat multiplayer available at launch (with Wi-Fi multiplayer promised in a future update) City Conquest has placed a huge emphasis on making sure the units and action are as well balanced as possible using unique software that “playtested” simulated matches to gather data from the 1-2 million mission played against itself every day.

City Conquest

City Conquest

City Conquest will be hitting newer iOS devices and some “high end” Android devices that can handle the game’s HD graphics. We’ll be on the lookout for this game soon.