When the walls of MageMaze close in around you, give those walls a good shove

There are warriors, and then there are Norse warriors. In MageMaze, an adventure-puzzle game for iOS, you play as a mighty Norse warrior named Svenn the Svaliant. Need proof of his pedigree? Well, Svenn can move through the monster-infested maze surrounding him—but he can also shift the maze around himself. Yowza! That takes some muscle power!

At the outset for MageMaze, Svenn finds himself in a dungeon maze belonging to the nefarious mage Yngvarr the Ynvoker, and he must use his brains and brawn to find a way take back the gold that Yngvarr has stolen from some hapless villagers. The maze stretches on for more than 60 levels, and each stage is crawling with different enemy species that all exhibit their own behavior and attack patterns.

Svenn and his enemies take turns moving from tile-to-tile. Svenn can pick up several weapons that will help him thin out Yngvarr’s monster herd, though he needs to keep the strength of each weapon in mind before he arms himself. Cheap swords only last for one battle, whereas other weapons, like axes and hammers, are hardier and can last for two or more fights.

MageMaze MageMaze

But what really makes MageMaze unique is Svenn’s ability to slide his surroundings around him. If you’re stuck, you can slide a row or column of tiles to alter the playing field to Svenn’s advantage. This trick will no doubt come in extremely handy if Svenn finds himself weaponless against a herd of creeping minotaur. Just slam the door in their bovine faces, and boom, you’re done. Ah, but playing with walls might free other horrors that were previously trapped. It’s a risk you’ll have to take.

There’s no release date for MageMaze at this point, but Gamezebo will keep on top of the game as more info becomes available. You might even say we’ll be climbing the walls.