Witch Wars wants to put a match-3 spell on you

Have you ever noticed that match-3 games are maddeningly, tremendously addictive? They’re arguably the biggest time sinks in the puzzle kingdom. They’re bewitching. They’re mesmerizing. It’s like they’re…magic. If you think this is all nonsense, keep an eye out for Witch Wars, an upcoming iOS puzzle game by Com2Us. Mind yourself: you may wind up spellbound.

Witch Wars is a match-3 puzzle title with a high witch content. Seven witches are at war for puzzle supremacy, and you’ve been recruited for battle. The game’s core content should be familiar if you’re a match-3 fiend (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you): match up three or more of the same symbols to score combo points.

The symbols are in Witch Wars are appropriately witchy, with the expected assortment of potions, alchemy symbols, and, er, handcuffs. The symbols harbor power that’s unleashed when they’re cleared away, giving you the necessary muscle to take down your opponent. For instance, matching three swords stabs your rival’s life bar, whereas matching up three potions heals your own life bar.

Witch Wars

Witch Wars

Each witch has her own abilities, stats, and skills that can be upgraded as you play. You’ll need every advantage when you go online to battle other players and demonstrate that you’re the most kawaii anime witch in the world! (^_^;)

Witch Wars hits the App Store in May. Stay with Gamezebo for more information, and hang on tight: you’re not in Hogwarts anymore.