For the first time ever, growing dinosaurs might actually be cool

Chances are likely that sometime during your childhood, you’ve experienced the abomination of growing dinosaurs before. There are little things more frightening than dropping your rubber dinosaur into a glass, forgetting about it for a week, and then returning to discover an enlarged, mutated mess. If one is to believe the history of FDG’s new physics puzzler, Expand It, it seems expanding dinosaurs had once walked the earth as well.

In the prehistoric world of Expand It, it seems the mythical expanding dinos had but one goal in life: reach the top of the rainbow. While normal walking dinosaurs have the advantage of mobility, these wonderful beasts can grow their way miles into the sky. It’s up to you to ensure that their wish is granted.

Based on the original flash game hit with over 15 million plays, Expand It is all about growing differently shaped figures as large as you can without allowing the pile to topple. With multiple touches, figures can expand to several times their original size.

While inflating geometrically shaped dinosaurs upward might seem like a simple task at first, things are much more complicated than the prehistoric age might seem. You’ll have to be quick with multi-touching in order to construct even bridges, ramps, or even fully-functional vehicles. It seems these guys will stop at nothing to taste the rainbow.

Expand It

If you’re looking for a way to literally “expand” your iOS library in search of a colorful physics puzzler, Expand It will be coming later this May, 2012.