Supermagical looks to combine bubble-popping and RPG mechanics for super fun

When you have a game with a title like Supermagical, and one of your developers is called the Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team, you know you’re in for something a special. Together with gPotato, the SAHDM Team has been working for 14 months to deliver a puzzle game unlike any other.

When the good witch Nina finds that her evil sisters have sent evil magic-devouring monsters to her dimension, it’s up to her to restore balance to the world. Combined with a crew of mythical friends, it’s up to Nina to put and end to the magical madness and save the world.

Supermagical is a tough game to classify. It has the color-matching element of a puzzle title, the story and characters of an adventure, and the spellcasting mechanics of an RPG. Popping groups of like colors has never looked so fun!

Players will shoot down hoards of the evil Minix creatures with a combination of spells, combos, and special attacks. Nina doesn’t fight her battles alone: each stage allows you to bring in two mythical creatures to your aid. Your sidekicks unleash impressive and deadly super moves that make your counterattack much more manageable (and exciting!).

With the huge promise of 15 to 20 hours of gameplay in the single player adventure, there’s plenty of gameplay to go around. And for players that would rather fend off the invasion with friends, a complete multiplayer co-op mode will be available from day one.



With all of these features, it’s even more surprising to see that Supermagical will be offered for the low price of free. The SAHDM Team is very confident in this feature, stating that the entire game will be ad-free and premium item-free. Special expensive items might be easier to obtain through in-app purchases, but everything in the store can be earned through in-game currency as well.

With its blend of genres, multiple gameplay modes, and zero initial cost, Supermagical looks like it’ll very easily live up to its title. The release date? “Very soon,” according to SAHDM.