Plunderland’s creator gets ready to unleash a new game, and they want you to Prevail

If there’s anything to take from Johnny Two Shoes’ past hit, Plunderland, it’s that the team loves to create open adventures with a unique artistic style. If you’ve been looking for a Plunderland-like experience on a new frontier, look no further than Prevail, the huge open world adventure due soon this year.

When your simple rural lifestyle is ruined by UFOs that capture your family and friends, it’s up to you to scour the galaxy and solve the mystery of your kidnappers. Unfortunately for your character (but fortunate for players!), Prevail‘s outer space landscape is looking to be massive.

Right off the bat, Johnny Two Shoes’ signature eccentric artistic style is visible. Characters and landscapes are constructed out of a unique “cutout” style, creating some really crisp an obscure characters and animations. With humans this odd, we can’t wait to see how crazy the alien races end up looking.

Hoping to follow in the traces of open-world giants like Grand Theft Auto, Johnny Two Shoes is hoping to make outer space feel as big as it is in real life. Packed full of exploration, missions, creatures, and more, the game’s first galaxy is looking to have dozens of hours of gameplay alone.

That’s right, first galaxy. An inter-galaxy travel update is already in the works for the future. Did we mention that things were going to be big?


There are several ways to travel. On foot, in several types of space cars, and through space in your trusty space shuttle. Each mission that you complete awards you with currency, which can be used to purchase stronger vehicles and weapons.

One really interesting factor in Prevail‘s planetary adventures is the dynamic landscape feature. Each explosion you create completely alters the land around you, creating anything from craters to giant ramps for you to jump in your land vehicle.


There’s a lot to look forward to in Prevail‘s release, and we hope it sees light in the App Store soon. It’s been slated for a “First Quarter 2012” release, and we hope that delays won’t push it too much farther back. If all goes well, you should be able to prevail in the search for your lost family soon.