Science takes flight in Dr. Rocket

Scientists study facts, figures, and conduct controlled experiments in order to reach definite conclusions. Mad scientists strap rocket boots to their feet and launch themselves into the stratosphere in order to take on airborne obstacle courses. Which kind of scientist would you rather be? The correct answer (B) may not be possible to pull off if you live somewhere that has pesky things like air traffic laws, but that’s why RippleWare is bringing Dr. Rocket to iOS and Android.

Dr. Rocket is a physics game that moves quickly—about as fast as a launching rocket, actually. You play as the eccentric and cone-headed Dr. Rocket, a researcher with jet shoes. The Doc has taken it upon himself to launch his person into a series of flying obstacle courses, and you need to help him get around via tapping or tilt controls.

Not surprisingly, the obstacle courses in Dr. Rocket don’t throw a couple of tires at you, conclude with a mud pit, and call it a day. No, the good Doctor must fly through twists and turns, including some neat vertical slides. There are also asteroids, spikes, and planes (flying doctors and jet engines do not mix with favorable results). Moreover, you need to collect packs of fuel as you wind your way through the obstacle course, because rockets don’t run on wishes and fairy dust.

Dr. Rocket hits Android on May 7, and an iOS version of the game will follow at a later date. In the meantime, we don’t recommend that you make any attempt to combine home-made rockets with a pair of Nikes.