Are you ready to be a hero?

If you think a sprawling RPG with advanced combat and an epic story about a string of murders, the risen dead, and an enemy invasion from another plane of existence sounds like fun, the upcoming To Be A Hero might just be worth some attention.

Besieged by roaming monsters, hordes of zombies and a serial killer on the loose, the world of Illustria needs a hero to guide it to salvation. In To Be A Hero, that hero is you: You’ll choose from over 20 fully customizable and upgradeable classes, converse with your fellow citizens, take jobs and even purchase property and business to bolster your income and help pay for your inter-planar journey into the enemy realm. Combat promises to be particularly interesting and brutal, allowing players to target specific body parts in battle. Is your enemy moving a little too quickly? Break his knee! Lose your sword? Bite him in the throat!

The game features a top-down perspective, and while the graphics are decidedly less than stellar, the development team says the game is being built on the concept of abandoning “expensive 3D graphics” and focusing purely on gameplay instead. It’s all about depth of experience, from character classes ranging from Stable Hand to Death Magi to a huge, seamless world map covering more than a million tiles that’s packed with abundant “challenging, well-thought-out quests and puzzles.”

To Be A Hero

To Be A Hero

To Be A Hero makes a lot of big promises and it should be nothing short of fantastic if it can deliver, but right now that looks like a pretty big “if.” The controls at this point look very cumbersome and eat up a substantial portion of screen space, and a pre-release gameplay video shows the player walking through a solid dungeon wall to access another area. Some concessions have to be made to the game’s in-development status, but seeing something like that in a promotional video doesn’t do much to inspire confidence.

On the upside, the developers are giving themselves all the time they need to get it done: the iOS RPG To Be A Hero will be released “when it’s done.” Be sure to follow the game here on Gamezebo to find out exactly when that will be.