Get ready to save the world again in Acme Planetary Defense

Evil aliens from beyond the moon are attacking and only you, with a little help from the Acme Planetary Defense Company, can fight them off!

The Acme Corporation may be best known for things like gigantic rubber bands, iron bird seed, jet-propelled unicycles and earthquake pills, but in the intergalactic future it’s apparently branched out into other, more lucrative areas as well. Like planetary defense!

The setup in Acme Planetary Defense is simple: Aliens have launched a 2D invasion of your peaceful worlds and you need to blast them out of the sky with missiles, lasers, bombs and more. The rotating shoot-em-up action will take place across a number of planets, with breaks in the action to allow players to re-arm and re-equip. Along with a healthy selection of weapons, the Acme Corporation also offers energy, shield and health recharges, defensive hardware like mines and satellites and even a gizmo that slows down time.

Acme Planetary Defense

Acme Planetary Defense

Enemies will be similarly varied, ranging from “Death Rockets” and “Blobs” to a mothership that launches drones and even a crate-stealing alien entrepreneur name Mr. Mort. The gameplay looks simple but fast-paced, with a cartoonish visual style that seems perfectly appropriate for the company that gave us the “Little Giant Do-It-Yourself Rocket Sled Kit.” We can only hope that purchasing supplies between levels involves some twist on sticking a letter in a mailbox and then waiting three seconds for a truck to show up.

Acme Planetary Defense is in development at Taptoon Games and comes out on May 10 for iOS and Android devices.