Blast off for fireworks fun in Namco Bandai’s Rocket Fox!

What do you get when you combine the vertical falling of Force=Mass x Acceleration, the platform hopping of Doodle Jump,and the colorful fireworks of Sega’s NiGHTS Into Dreams? You’ll get Namco Bandai’s Rocket Fox, that’s what!Join Guy the fox as he attempts to learn the explosive nature of the Inari Shrines, where flowers serve as launch pads for a fireworks display.

Your main objective in Inari’s colorful cell-shaded world is to ignite all of the firework flowers as you can without missing a launch. Set from a top-down perspective, you control Guy’s trajectory with the accelerometer as he free falls with increasing velocity.

Hit a flower, and you’ll be propelled back into the air, free to launch new fireworks with each jump. Miss, and you’ll make a fox-shaped impact crater in the earth. Ouch.

Progress far enough into Rocket Fox‘s 60 stages, and you’ll start seeing some seriously complicated pyrotechnics at work. Some flowers will launch other rockets horizontally as you land, setting off chain reactions that can either aid or harm you as you attempt to hit each new launch pad.

Rocket Fox

Each stage uses a variety of factors in determining your final score, including flowers hit, time taken to finish, and the amount of “fox fire” that you were able to collect. Rocket Fox uses the traditional three star system in determining how thoroughly you completed each level, but it also allows for Game Center competition between friends. Think you can out-maneuver your fellow rocketeers?

As Guy flies through the air, you can collect ignited fox fire to spend on a variety of features, including unique firework explosions, powerups, and accessories for Guy. Do you want to soar through the air in a Guy Fawkes mask as an enormous Flava Flav clock hangs from your neck? If so, you have quite an interesting taste for fashion, but it can be done.

Players eager to learn more about Guy and friends can head over to and check out their webcomic. Rocket Fox launches to the App Store soon, lifting off this Thursday, May 3rd.