Built towers, fight dragons, nab thieves, and take care of toilets in Pocket Minions for iOS.

What is it about stone towers that attracts violent dragons? Do chiseled rocks emit some kind of lizard pheromone? Whatever the answer, Pocket Minions for iOS is a tower-building game that is teeming with angry dragons galore, so if you want to reach the stars, you’re going to have to do something about those scaly squatters.

Needless to say, keeping a tower in tip-top shape involves more than making sure dragons don’t tear it down from the outside. You also need to keep things running smoothly on the inside, and rest assured that Pocket Minions keeps you busy. You build up your tower by assembling stores and residences, and then you put your minions to work.

Minions must be fed to be happy, and a happy minion is a hard-working minion who rakes in the gold and resources. You can treat your underlings like dirt if that’s how you get your kicks, but be warned: yon peasant will only take so much abuse before he or she riots.

Pocket Minions Pocket Minions

Other problems can make for unhappy citizens, and must be guarded against. Thieves must be caught and locked up before they rob the place blind, ghosts must be chased away before they spook your minions clear out of town, and toilets have to remain unclogged. How one unclogs a bucket is beyond us, but life is brimming with interesting lessons.

Pocket Minions features Apple TV support, so you’ll be able to view your tower (clogged toilets and all) in 720p on your television. There’s no release date for the game just yet, but stick with Gamezebo for more information. We’ll even help you hose down the outside of your tower to reduce those pesky dragon attacks.