You’re about to be one very busy bee

A bee’s work is never done, as you’ll soon see first hand in Bee Leader, a new action game from Flightless that sets players up with the buzzing wings of bumblebees and then sends them around the world on a quest to collect nectar and make honey. The process is simple – find the flowers, hover over them to collect nectar and then drop it off at the hive – but enemies like hornets and hairy spiders are a constant threat, and bad weather can absolutely ruin your day.

As if that’s not bad enough, the clock is ticking too, and you’ll only have until the sun goes down to collect as much nectar as you can. The faster you get it back to your hive, the more honey you’ll make, and more honey is always a good thing. Making the job a little easier are power-ups like bonus honey, time extensions and “bee buddies” who will help you collect more nectar in less time.

Bee Leader is set in a lovely, lighthearted 2D “open mini-world” with faint echos of World of Goo, and will support Retina displays on compatible devices, with controls accessible via touchscreen, tilt, virtual joystick or “network remote.” While we haven’t had a chance to sample the gameplay, I really dig the aesthetic, so I hope the rest of the game lives up to it.

Bee Leader

Bee Leader

Bee Leader is expected to be submitted to Apple for review within the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for a release date announcement in the near future.