OffRoad Legends lets you roar down hills and drive through the mud on iOS and Android

This just in: driving on even, paved streets and obeying the laws of the road is for losers. And that blinking “Road Closed” sign? Merely a suggestion. Offroad Legends, coming to iOS and Android from DogByte Games, lets you live on the edge as a road warrior, even though in real life you drive a clunker that’s slow enough to be pulled over by a cop on a horse.

The reckless driving and hilly terrain that makes up Offroad Legends might remind you of the NES classic ExciteBike, but with more trucks, less over-heating, and less spilling by the side of the road. There are four vehicle classes to master (4×4, Monster, Off-Roaders, and Fun—hopefully the last of which will let you drive a souped-up ice cream truck), and lovely HD graphics. Don’t just drive through the mud: revel in it, peasant!

OffRoad Legends

OffRoad Legends

Offroad Legends also has three game modes, vehicle tuning, a random level-generator, and a pretty rockin’ soundtrack (if the instrumental version of “Immigrant Song” in the trailer is anything to go by). Piloting Monster trucks over chasms is one thing. Bouncing said trucks down gigantic hills while listening to oldschool rock is the sport of the gods.

Offroad Legends will be ripping towards you in May, so buckle up. Despite all the tough off-roader talk in this preview, we’re obligated to remind you that all the cool kids wear their safety belts.