“Catch ’em all” on iOS with Micromon

Want to capture monsters and battle your friends on an iOS device? Accepting that the Pokémon main series will very likely never reach iOS, MOGA has taken the job upon themselves to make a great monster capture game of their own. With over 100 creatures, retina display, online battles, and active animations, they’re definitely taking this giant challenge seriously.

Oh yeah, and it’ll be free.

Micromon will include an in-game currency factor, but MOGA promises that it’ll neither be mandatory nor overpowering. Instead, in-game currency will be available in order to receive convenience, such as for vehicles that save the time it takes to walk across the land. “By no means will any player be required to purchase anything in order to finish the game with ease,” says MOGA.

Battles between characters are geared to be dynamic, determined both by the elemental affinity of each micromon and the type of terrain surrounding each battle. Speed will be factored in as a long-term determinant for attack order, rather than simply deciding who attacks first each round.

For those of you rolling your eyes thinking “this just looks like a generic version of Pokémon,” MOGA has plenty of plans to differentiate itself from its inspiration. Promising a sandbox-style overworld, multiplayer rankings, over a dozen starter creatures, and a mature storyline, Micromon might have more going for it than you’d think.


If it all seems too good to be true, that’s because it might be. Micromon is hoping to find its way onto iOS devices by the end of this year, but is currently trying to reach a Kickstarter goal by June 15th to finish funding. They’ve still got a ways to go to meet their $43,000 goal, but we’re hoping that their huge scope of ambition will help pull them through.

They’ve still stated that they’ll be working to release the game even if Kickstarter doesn’t succeed, but the final release would be stripped of a lot of the features MOGA has been looking to implement. MOGA has a ton of great plans for the future of monster capture games on iOS devices, and we really hope they emerge successful.