World Without End takes you on a rambling quest across iOS and Android.

World Without End is an accurate name for the strategy role-playing game that’s currently being put together by Marvel and DC artist/writer, Steve Uy. It takes place on a seamless world map that’s crawling with fantastic monsters and scenery that looks like it was cut straight from a comic book—a truly boundless universe. There’s nothing to stop you or slow you down as you explore the vast overworld, aside from the critters and ghouls that are waiting to ambush you and turn your party into a meal.

World Without End

World Without End

Uy describes World Without End as “the world’s first free-roam[ing] strategy RPG,” and “console quality gaming on a mobile platform.” Though progression on the game is slow (Uy’s Kickstarter for the game unfortunately did not reach its goal, but he intends to finish the game regardless), it seems like a feast for fans of the Final Fantasy Tactics series. You put together a four-man army, explore your surroundings, and battle monsters, all without random battles, scene transitions, and load times.

Interestingly, World Without End does away with leveling and experience points. Instead, you fight to gain Battle Points, which you then use to purchase skills that can be used in future battles. You can also recruit the game’s monsters to fight with you. “Level 40” doesn’t sound all that impressive when a dragon of any level is fighting by your side.

World Without End will be available on iOS and Android, but there’s no word on a final release date. Needless to say, Gamezebo will bring updates on this whimsical-looking game as they happen.