Punch Hero’s zany take on boxing will knock you silly.

Any bozo can throw a punch—and to be frank, lots of bozos love to do so with reckless abandon—but do you have what it takes to dish out a swing that’s beyond a mere peasant’s punch? Do you have what it takes to be a Punch Hero? Gamevil’s upcoming iOS boxing game will give you a chance to demonstrate what you can do when your fists are in the gloves.

Punch Hero

Punch Hero is a 3D boxing game that gives you the satisfaction of wailing on an opponent, but it’s still a tongue-in-cheek experience (and we recommend you put your tongue back where it belongs before you step into the ring, else you risk biting it off). You can customize your character’s appearance, and you can even outfit him or her with weird accessories and costumes that probably aren’t legal in an actual bout. Can you imagine punching an opponent who’s dressed head-to-toe in samurai armor? You can do it in Punch Hero, but gosh, it would hurt in real life.

You can even put a picture of your best friend or worst enemy on your opponent’s body before you punch them silly. Take that, nasally-voiced distributor of TPS reports!

Punch Hero

All the typical moves are at your disposal, including jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and the knockout punch. You can train before a bout, and accumulate special skills that will aid you when the chips are down and you start seeing things in double.

There’s no set release date for Punch Hero, but stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information. Perhaps you will finally earn the chance to be a hero, just like your momma wanted you to be (she never specified what kind of hero, right?).