Where were you when the aliens invaded?

Someday, years from now, when your granddaughter asks, “Where were you when the aliens invaded?” you’ll have to admit that you were horsing around somewhere out in space and missed the whole thing. But then you came back and did what you could to rescue a few survivors in Razor Salvation, a new shooter that promises to serve up some of the hottest mobile visuals ever seen.


Razor: Salvation features first person “beachhead defense” gameplay, so instead of moving around as you would in conventional shooters, you’ll be rooted in one place with a 360-degree field of view, holding your position and staving off the enemy as Earth’s remaining inhabitants are rescued. You can expect plenty of movement from the alien invaders, however, who will mix up their attack strategies and even seek cover behind destructible objects.

The game promises “console-grade graphics,” with specular bump mapped textures and full-screen pixel effects for everything from the iPhone 3GS and up, plus iPad Retina support for full-resolution real-time 3D and 2D UI graphics. I have no idea what any of that means, but it sure sounds impressive, and the few screenshots currently making the rounds look pretty fantastic.


Support for player-made factions is also on the menu, letting friends (and strangers) band together to compete with other groups from around the world. Leaderboards will track world-wide regional rankings as well as individual player rankings, and grant unique titles to players who rack up the best kill counts or save the most humans.

Razor: Salvation is actually just the first in a planned series of games that will tell the story of the Xeno invasion of Earth. This is potentially my favorite part of the whole thing; intricate plots may not mean much when you’re gunning down hordes of onrushing aliens, but the sci-fi story nerd in me loves the idea. Here’s hoping that Blowfish Studios can deliver.

Razor: Salvation is expected to come out sometime this summer.