A puzzle game about a “hairy” situation

The Hairys may be a good bunch of guys, but they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree. So it’s up to you to set them on the right path in Hairy Tales, the upcoming hex-based strategy-puzzle game.

The world of the Hairys is in trouble. Gripped by corruption, the hexagonal fantasy realm is literally oozing evil, and only the Hairys can stop them! But there’s a problem: for all their enthusiasm, they’re just not very smart. Your job, then, is to help them clean things up by manipulating their floating, tile-based world to ensure that they have a clear path to their goals. Because it’s not just ooze that the Hairys have to contend with: traps, monsters and other unpleasantness all conspire to make their life a tough one.

Hairy Tales promises to mix strategy with action as players drag and rotate tiles to collect power-ups, deal with enemies and create safe paths across more than 70 levels that range from very simple to “complex and devious.” Replayability will be high as each level can be completed in a variety of ways, and the rich animations and visual style, which changes as the Hairys clean up their world, looks absolutely great. Even the music sounds wild and fun.

Hairy Tales

Hairy Tales

How much strategic depth it will actually bring to the table remains to be seen, but it certainly appears to have a lot of potential. Hairy Tales will launch as a universal iOS app with support for the iPad Retina display, will also offer PC and Mac versions, and is currently expected to come out in mid-May.