Learn, play, and foil evil magicians with Abrawordabra for iOS and Android.

Abrawordabra teaches a valuable lesson: don’t mock an angry magician, or else he’ll probably dig up a spell to throw you into a living game of Words With Friends. In this new arcade puzzle game by Total ArKade Software, you must help out an audience that’s being held captive in a bizarre manner. Marvo the Magician has turned every man, woman, and baby into blocks that bear letters, and the only way out is for you to move them closer to a magic book, where they can spell, spell, spell their way to freedom.

Abrawordabra features four game modes and over 220 levels for you to tackle with your learned-ness. In “Fill the Gap” mode, you must fill in a word’s missing letters by urging characters towards a Magic Book, where they can transform into letter blocks. “Mizz Spell” mode involves correcting words that have been purposefully desecrated by Marvo (in case you couldn’t guess). In “Ultimate Genius!” you get to prove how darn smart you are by spelling words to reach a target score. And with “Float On,” you have lunch with Modest Mouse—er, actually, you settle into a bit of arcade fun by tilting your mobile device to steer balloons with letters inside them towards the safety of the Magic Book.



The idea behind Abrawordabra is to rack up a high score, gain achievements, and learn how to effectively use the game’s multitude of power-ups. Abrawordabra also exists to make sure you learn words good, so prepare yourself for fun (yaaay!) and education (gasp!).

Abrawordabra will be available on May 2 2012 for iOS and Android. That’s M-A-Y, S-E-C-O-N-D, T-W-O, T-H—you know what, save it for the game.