Putty Squad brings a classic 16-bit platformer back to life

All give praise to iOS, where even heroes made of putty can be fished out of the attic of gaming history and given another chance (with a bit of water and a little kneading). Putty Squad was originally released on the SNES in 1994, and it was supposed to make its way to DOS and Amiga. Unfortunately, even though the game was given rave reviews by computer magazines, Putty Squad didn’t see life outside the SNES. That’s set to change when this classic platformer receives an overhaul for iOS platforms.

Putty Squad

Putty Squad

Putty Squad is a side-scrolling game that plays a bit like Mario, if Mario had the physique to handle a lot of bending, stretching, and squashing (he’s not quite there yet). You bounce, inflate, and slither your way across several colorful levels in hopes of rescuing your pals. Your putty body comes in handy for giving enemies something to think about, especially since you can find and initiate upgrades to shoot darts at the bad guys. Or, if you’re in an especially devious mood, try electrocuting them to make the level smell like barbeque.

System 3 was the company behind the original Putty Squad, and it’s putting its clay-molding experience to work in the remake, too. The game looked brilliant on the SNES, but it’s going to look especially bright and polished on iOS.

May 2012 appears to be the target release date for Putty Squad. As always, you’ll want to stay with Gamezebo for more information. For now, think twice before you press some putty into newspaper: that putty may be a hero in disguise.