My Little Hero takes you on a childlike quest across iOS

Of all the horrific monsters that we see in video games, it’s still a good bet that few of them can match the nightmares that are dreamed up in a child’s mind during the midnight hour. In that vein, children are automatically intrepid monster-slayers, as their fertile imaginations can bring any weapon or piece of armor to life.

So goes My Little Hero, an upcoming iOS action/adventure game from NCsoft and AcnePlay. A little boy embarks on a quest to confront a toy-snatching boogie man, and said monster’s lair is tucked deep in the boy’s closet (where else?). The boy’s weapons include a toy sword and a cardboard helmet that’s been decorated with crayon scribbles. Who needs platinum breastplates or +9 ogre-slaying knives when you’ve got a helmet that you cut all by yourself?

My Little Hero

The action in My Little Hero takes a cue from the Zelda games. You explore a world with a stop-down view, swipe at enemies with your sword, and work out puzzles that alter the terrain and allow you to proceed across rivers and pits. You’ll also collect an arsenal of secondary weapons and items, including a slingshot, a flashlight, an umbrella that lets you make long jumps, and an inflatable duckie-ring for when you inevitably have to cross the swampy depths.

My Little Hero is coming to iOS in May 2012, so until then, put on your helmet and crawl into your refrigerator-box fortress. The monsters are coming.