Get ready to crack open a refreshing bottle of Frenzy Pop on your favorite iOS device

If you’ve been craving another food-based platformer with plenty of challenge since Super Meat Boy, Al4red Studios has the perfect drink to quench your thirst. Introducing Frenzy Pop, the only upcoming iOS 2D platformer that features a bottle of soda (Mr. Pop) as its main protagonist.

When the evil Captain Cork has decided to rid the world of their vending machines, it’s up to Mr. Pop to free his delicious bottled brethren. Unfortunately for him, Captain Cork is very passionate in his plans, and has gone overboard with saws, spikes, and spaceships in order to ensure a soda-free earth.

Players control Mr. Pop over 45 challenging stages across 3 unique worlds. With plenty of moves at your disposal, including wall-jumps, hovering by spouting soda, and rolling horizontally Metroid-style, there’s bound to be plenty of room for skilled platforming maneuvers.

In addition to the numerous obstacles Mr. Pop must face during his journey (including breaking platforms, TNT, and enormous snowballs), Frenzy Pop is full of dangerous boss characters as well. Can one bottle of soda be brave enough to tackle steamrollers, spinning blades with a mind of their own, and outer space itself? Only with your help!

Frenzy Pop

Frenzy Pop

Think you’ve got the skill and reflexes to finish stages in record time? For truly hardcore players looking to prove themselves over the rest of the world, Frenzy Pop will feature Game Center support for speed runs.

If you’re a mobile gamer with a taste for fast-paced, difficulty-laden platforming adventure, Frenzy Pop might just be the app for you. Keep on the lookout: Frenzy Pop will be popping up on the App Store this Thursday, April 26th.