Forgotten Memories is almost ready to give you the survival horror shivers on iOS

Isn’t it interesting how the Forces of Darkness always seem to intuitively understand that setting up camp in certain locales makes their evil work seem that much creepier? Take the upcoming iOS survival horror game Forgotten Memories, for instance. It takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and it comes off as skin-crawlingly creepy. You wouldn’t get that kind of atmosphere for a survival horror game set in, say, a bright and well-populated mall (“Oh no, the zombies are taking over The Gap, and they’re switching around the price tags! Those animals!”).

Psychoz Interactive (the developers behind Dead Strike) has had Forgotten Memories in production for quite some time, but it looks like the game is finally nearing completion. Forgotten Memories is set in an old psychiatric hospital that looks like it was abandoned very suddenly, and reasons are scarce beyond “something wicked this way comes.”

Players take on the role of Inspector Rose Hawkins, who’s on the trail of a young girl that was kidnapped and seemingly spirited away to the hospital. Forgotten Memories offers a mix of new and classic survival horror gameplay, and features a “fear system” that will presumably test the limits of how much the human mind can take before it snaps like a stick of rhubarb. You must also make sure Rose engages in top-notch teamwork with her partner, Nathan Howard, if either of you hope to overcome the hospital’s monsters, traps, puzzles, and tricks. And even though the hospital was technically closed and abandoned years ago, it seems as if some inmates still remain. They’re lost, and a little unstable…

Forgotten Memories is due out for iOS in Fall of 2012. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information, screenshots, and dark rituals performed in empty hospital lobbies.