SEGA’s sequel to Samurai Bloodshow brings its defense gameplay to Western Civilization

Gamers familiar with Sega’s Samurai Bloodshow should be all-too-familiar with its Plants vs. Zombies-esque card-based defense system. For players who haven’t had a chance to check out the original, there’s no need to fret: Western-based Alexandria Bloodshow is coming later this Spring, and it’s going to be twice as big.

Set 3,000 years in the past, Alexandria Bloodshow puts you in control of either the Greek or Egyptian forces in a battle over Aegean. Just like its predecessor, players will construct a deck of deployable unit cards through each army’s 60+ available troops. Through horizontal grid-based combat, players aim to storm their opponent’s side of the field, while also defending their own turf.

Twice the units means twice the campaign time, as well. Each single-player army comes with its own unique journey across Africa and Europe. After completing one faction’s campaign, they’re free to tackle the entire adventure from the other side of the battlefield as well.

If you aren’t exactly in the mood for a history lesson, don’t worry – both the Greek and Egyptian army are full of both realistic and mythological creatures. The Greeks have the power of classic gods like Zeus and Hades, while the Egyptians can enlist the power of Ra and Anubis. Ever want to see a Greek warrior take on a cursed mummy? Could the Trojan horse outsmart the Sphinx? Only time will tell.

Alexandria Bloodshow

Alexandria Bloodshow

Players who feel especially confident in their tactics can bring their army to the worldwide front via Game Center or Bluetooth multiplayer. Generals can battle each other in wars of their own, or partake in the more peaceful activity of trading cards.

With over a hundred unique units, two distinct armies, two complete campaigns, and the unlimited replay value of multiplayer, Alexandria Bloodshow is promising an incredibly deep iOS experience. Can’t wait to start a clash of your own? Keep your eyes peeled: Sega says to expect Alexandria Bloodshow on the App Store very soon.