Wooden Sen’SeY brings platforming action and sakura petals to PC and Mac

Bow to your sensei. French indie studio Upper Byte is working on an action-platforming game for PC and Mac called Wooden Sen’SeY. It’s set in a colorful land that borrows liberally from Japanese history and lore, a world that Upper Byte intriguingly describes as “Japan Steam Rock.”

Wooden Sen’SeY tells the story of Goro, a village chief (not the four-armed dragon prince from Mortal Kombat) who seeks revenge against evil forces and shadowy beasts. Fans of platforming games will feel right at home as they travel through 9 worlds of varying terrain, including grasslands, dojos, mountains, and underwater. Interestingly, drifting sakura petals seem to get into everything, no matter where Goro treads (okay, not under the ocean).

Wooden Sen'SeY

Wooden Sen'SeY

Gameplay-wise, Wooden Sen’SeY features oldschool difficulty with an emphasis on achieving high scores—and on beating the developers’ own scores, if you’re up for the challenge, grasshopper. Wooden Sen’SeY also features lots of running, jumping, grabbing, and chopping (Goro’s weapons of choice are two axes).

Wooden Sen’SeY will be localized in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German), so there’s no excuse for not getting out there and rocking Japan’s shadow monsters, platformer-style. Wooden Sen’SeY hits PC and Mac this summer, so guzzle back that sake, smash the bottle on the floor, and take up your axes in the name of justice.