Skweek makes a colorful return courtesy of iOS

If you’re old, crotchety, and want kids to get off your lawn, then you probably remember a puzzle game on the Atari ST (or even the Sega Game Gear) called Skweek. If you’re young, hip, and full of beans, then you’re about to get a chance to bask in a modern remake of Skweek for iOS (the aforementioned old people are invited to play, too).

Skweek Skweek

This spankin’ new take on Skweek is being handled by Freshuu, the team behind the pretty excellent iOS retro shooting game, ZiGGURAT. New Skweek plays much like the old classic: your main goal is to help the little orange blobby alien named Skweek re-paint his planet after it’s vandalized by invaders. You get to work via a top-down view, and walking over tiles changes their color—but you can only move in horizontals and verticals. Needless to say, objects and enemies are on hand to mess you up.

You control Skweek via taps and swipes, so there’s no need to mess with potentially inaccurate virtual d-pads. Freshuu is taking pains to respect the source material while Skweek undergoes his plastic surgery. “I got addicted to Skweek during my childhood,” says Pascal Clarysse, Chief Creative Officer at Freshuu. “I’m proud to bring it back for fellow fans, and also excited to introduce this brilliant concept to the kids of today.”

Skweek will hit the App Store “soon-ish,” according to Freshuu. Keep up with Gamezebo for more information. Will today’s kids catch on to this retro puzzler? They’d better, unless they want a cane to the back of the head.