Zombies have poor planning skills. Maybe you can help them with that.

Have you ever wondered how the other side lives? Find out in Brainsss, an upcoming zombie game for iOS devices in which the goal isn’t to survive a zombie apocalypse, but to run one.

The trouble with zombies is that they’re not very bright. They’re plentiful, they’re relentless and they take a lot of punishment before they go down, but strategic decision-making and long-term planning just isn’t their strong suit. That’s where you come in. In Brainsss, you become a zombie “controller,” leading a horde of the shuffling undead as it strives to convince non-believers to join the team – or, failing that, to eat their faces.

Leading the undead around is a simple matter of tapping and swiping the screen to send them shambling across various indoor and outdoor locales. Most of your undead mob moves slowly, like the Romero classics, but acquiring “Rage” will give them the all the speed of the newer 28 Days-style “infected.” Humans who are run down by your zombies will become zombies themselves, growing your number and making it easier to convert the rest. Converting humans quickly enough will unlock power-ups, which you’ll need to take down some of the harder targets. Not everyone will be quite so easy to bring over to your side, after all; some humans just don’t want to run with the crowd – and some of them have guns.


Brainsss is the first release from indie studio Lonely Few, but founders Rod Green and Yeong-Hao Han have considerable experience in the industry, Green at BioWare and Yeong-Hao at Pandemic, and previously worked together on the sadly unreleased Project Offset. They know what they’re doing, in other words, which will hopefully translate into good things for this game.

Brainsss is expected to hit the App Store later this month for $2.99. An Android version is also planned for a later release.