You’d better run all day and run all night with Aby Escape for iOS

Aby Escape by Bulkypix and Pixel Ratio is a game about a raccoon that must run, run, run, away from his troubles. But who’d ever want to hurt a lil’ ol’ raccoon? If you’re an urban or suburban dweller and you’ve ever awakened on a chilled Monday morning to see your garbage liberated and strewn all over your lawn, then you already know the answer.

Aby Escape Aby Escape

Aby Escape is a run forever-type title for iOS. All of the game’s environments are in full 3D, so you can get a good look at the men and beasts that are after you. Get ready to “run for your liiiife!” away from hunters, bikers, policemen, and even elephants. Oh, and then there’s the issue of trees. Sure, the trees don’t actively pursue you, but neither do they kindly step out of the way if you’re about to run into one headlong. Watch for them.

Aby Escape has an “Unlimited” mode that lets you run forever, collect power-ups, and basically keeps you on the road to rack up the highest score that you possibly can (in other words, Aby died and is being punished forever in hell). There’s also a “Story” mode that’s built from 30 levels across three worlds, and is packed with weird and angry enemies. Don’t cheese off an American football player by eating his garbage: he will end you.

Aby Escape Aby Escape

There’s no word on the final release date for Aby Escape, but stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information on the game as its progress runs down the road. In the meantime, slap some bungee cords on your garbage bin lids.