Choose your own zombie-fueled adventure

If a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game with action, moral dilemmas and mini-games set in a constantly-evolving world overrun by the shuffling undead sounds like fun to you, then the upcoming Zombie Frenzy should be right up your alley.

Zombie Frenzy

Zombie Frenzy is inspired by the hit television series The Walking Dead, but brings its own unique style to the end-of-the-world. As Cassie, an avid Left 4 Dead fan who finds herself caught up in the middle of a real-life zombie apocalypse, players will have to make tough choices that launch them on different story arcs as their quest for survival unfolds. And zombie attacks aren’t necessarily the worst of it, as Cassie will also have to deal with humans turning against each other in the desperate last hours of humanity.

But there will be moments of joy and humor, too, plus a variety of mini-games and quests as Cassie gathers supplies, fortifies her hideout and defends her fellow survivors. She can seek safety in numbers with friends or strangers, or strike out as a solo zombie hunter, cutting down the undead with bullets and blades. The story will be updated on a regular basis with new characters, zombies, plot twists and quests, while Cassie fills in gaps herself with “constant updates” posted to Facebook.

Zombie Frenzy

The success of a game like this depends entirely upon the ability of the developer to keep up with regular, quality updates, but the mix of action, an evolving, user-directed story and “cute characters in WTF situations” sounds like it has a lot of promise. Zombie Frenzy is set to come out in May and will sell for 99 cents.