Physics-based puzzles go to the bathroom in Shark Dash for Android and iOS

We talk about the family drama that goes on in the living room, the kitchen, and (ahem) the bedroom, but how come we don’t hear a peep about the casualties that pile up in the bathtub? That’s right: even as you lazily surf the Internet, your bath toys are fighting a war for supremacy. Gameloft’s Shark Dash is a rubbery physics-based puzzle game for iOS and Android that shines a light on the ongoing battle between the household’s squeakiest residents.

Shark Dash stars Sharkee, a bath toy with one heck of a grin. Sharkee is content to live and let live—until the Rubber Duckies invade his porcelain pond and steal his girlfriend. Sharkee teams up with some of his shark buds and mounts a rescue mission.

Shark Dash

Shark Dash

Shark Dash contains 96 puzzles that are spread across four different “continents”—well, four different bathtubs, really. Sharkee and his buddies jump, stretch, snap, bend, and eat their way across each level in order to teach the ducks a lesson (rubber or not, in the battle between Shark Mouth and Duck Flesh, there is an obvious winner). The sharks can even bounce off walls to make tricky jumps over obstacles. No wonder they’re apex preditors.

Shark Dash will be available on the App Store and Google Play on April 19. Will the sharks triumph? Or was Ernie right when he pronounced that Rubber Duckie is “The One?”