Monster Paradise, the mobile social card game that’s a big hit in Japan, is headed West

The news is bad in Monster Paradise: The peaceful coexistence of humans and monsters has been thrown into turmoil by an invasion of evil monsters. Shenanigans ensue! Now it’s up to you to become a master monster tamer, collecting, training and using them to repel the enemy onslaught.

Monster ParadiseMonster Paradise

Originally released exclusively in Japan but on its way West courtesy of Aeria Mobile, Monster Paradise will feature more than 500 monsters of different species, and multiple monsters can be combined to make new and even more powerful monsters. Along with the conventional solo play, players can also form alliances with friends on Facebook and Twitter to go head-to-head with seriously powerful adversaries.

If you think that sounds a little familiar, you’re probably not wrong. Character images from the Japanese version of the game have a very Pokemon-ish look to them, and taming monsters for use in battle against other monsters is hardly the most original idea ever. But Aeria Games, which has a user base of over 35 million “core gamers” around the world, says Monster Paradise is a “perfect match” for the audience it wants to reach with the rapidly-growing Aeria Mobile.

Developed by Pokelabo, the free-to-play Monster Paradise is expected to hit Western iOS devices later this year.