Friendly Beasties plays a bit like Tamagotchi, but with a very personal twist

Have you ever owned a Tamagotchi? If so, there’s a good chance that you let it die in a shallow digital grave within two weeks (didn’t you? Didn’t you?). Scary Beasties is getting ready to launch an iOS-based digital pet minder that’s not unlike a Tamagotchi, but you probably won’t let these little guys die so easily. That’s because the pets in Friendly Beasties bear the faces of your friends and family.

Friendly Beasties Friendly Beasties

Friendly Beasties puts you in charge of a virtual jungle. You pick out your “Beasties,” then you add your friends’ faces to the animal as a finishing touch. From there, you play with them, make them dance, feed them, help them survive the jungle’s dark perils, and play mini-games. Your goal is to become the top Beastie Keeper and post your achievements on the game’s leaderboards via GameCenter. Your success will probably come as a big relief to your best friend Ralph, who will be happy to learn that you’re not actually doing terrible things to the animal that bears his face.

Friendly Beasties Friendly Beasties

You can, however, try to make your Beasties hook up with other Beasties in hopes of making weird hybrid Baby Beasties. This has the potential to get funny/awkward if your Beasties have the faces of your mom and dad, and eventually produce some kind of hideous-looking offspring that looks nothing like you—or so you think.

Friendly Beasties hits the App Store on April 19. Rawr!